Metaverse Canvas

Learn how to design your company in the Metaverse with the Metaverse Canvas

On this page you will find everything you need to understand each of the blocks that make up the Metaverse Canvas and how to get the most out of it to design your project.




What relationship do NFTs have with your project? What does it bring to the company? And the client?


What value do you bring to the customer? What problem do you solve for each of the customer segments?

Immersive experience

What kind of immersive experience does your project bring? What role does it play in product or service?

Target audience

For whom are you generating value? Which target groups are the most important?

Competitive advantage

What makes you different? What advantage do you have over competitors?

Key alliances

Who are the key partners? Who is your key service provider? What key activities do your partners perform? clue?


Through which channels do you reach your customers? Which channels are more cost-effective?

Key metrics

What specific metrics indicate the situation of the project? What KPIs do you need to monitor the project?

Cost structure

Direct costs? Indirect? What resources are the most expensive? What activities are the most expensive?

Sources Of income

How do you generate income? How do customers pay?

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